About Art by Maiko Saleff

My artwork is created with my both hands and has given me the amazing experiences of challenges and accomplishments. I stretch the canvas, and construct and stain the frame myself. By creating my artwork, start to finish, I have become more capable and fearless in life. I am a pure creator.

My favorite subjects to paint are Trees (Bonsai) and Fish. It’s simply because I love their body forms and textures and find them unique and intriguing. As you will see in most of my work, I love painting the gorgeous silver or sometimes gold moon. I often work with acrylic paints, gold leaf, resin, wood, paper and sumi ink. I want my artwork to be as simple and natural as possible in order to create a serene atmosphere. I choose to use unprimed cotton canvas for the natural bleeding effect of paint and water on the background. I build my frames with natural pine wood for its beautiful graining. My artwork comes from my Japanese origin and tradition. Each artwork that I create gives me a sense of comfort. I hope that my paintings can deliver the similar comfort to you as well.

I enjoy painting not only on flat canvas, but also on the interior decorative items, such as wooden furniture and screen panels. The experience of being a scenic artist in theaters for several years, working on backdrops, stage sets and props, has given me more freedom and ambition to work with various types of materials. I will be happy to take custom orders on both fine art paintings and interior decorative paintings.


My artwork comes from my Japanese origin, culture and tradition. Each art piece that I create gives me a sense of comfort. I hope that you can feel the same from my work as well.


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